Teen/Adult Program

Teen/Adult Karate Program

This Winnipeg Premier Gold Standard program in Traditional Japanese Shito Ryu Karate do and WKF Olympic Karate. At Bushido-Kai Canada Karate Academy, our program follows a traditional Japanese Karate curriculum that has been developed to incorporate the most up-to-date fitness and core training techniques to provide the maximum benefits of Karate training. Students of this program will receive the best possible system of self-defence, physical fitness, mental preparedness infused with the comprehensive study of Karate. Bushido-Kai Canada has been a leading school of instruction in self-defence and Karate since 1998 and is the largest member club of Karate Manitoba, the Provincial Sport Governing body under Sport Manitoba. Since 2013, Bushido-Kai Canada has placed as the number one performing dojo at the Manitoba Provincial Open, and our students have produced 4 National medals for the province of Manitoba at the Canadian National Karate Championships.

Traditional Shito Ryu Karate maintains a balance between two key components, the “martial” component and the “art” component. The “martial” component is expressed with the fast, powerful, and practical execution of self-defense. The “art” component is executed by following the traditions of Shito Ryu Karate through the presentation of Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). Students will develop increased cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening, agility and toning. The inner self is developed through increasing self-awareness, mental preparedness, razor sharp focus and increasing self-confidence in one’s physical and mental sharpness.

Students may attend any or all of the weekly scheduled classes for this program. We have classes for all levels and areas of study; kata (forms), kumite (sparring), fitness and self defence, Kobudo (the art of weaponry) and WKF Olympic sport karate for all levels.

Olympic Sport Karate is here and we have it!  Winnipeg’s only certified Olympic WKF sport karate Academy.  Karate is in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and Bushido-Kai Canada Karate Academy is the leading Academy for Olympic sport karate training.  Our instructors are all NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program, Coaching Canada) certified and part of the National Sport Organization’s (Karate Canada) Coaching certification programs.

We are a full-time Karate Academy, open year round.  Students may register and start anytime.  Some programs have peak times and may run waiting lists.  Please contact us for registration info!

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